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The dictionary defines the body as simply the entire material or physical structure of a human organism. However, far more than just a physical collection of bones, blood and tissues, our bodies are the single most important possession any of us will ever have. Our bodies are intricate and complex structures that we continue to learn more new and wondrous things about everyday. The mysteries of the human body and mind are more complicated than the most powerful computers, yet few people truly understand what it is that motivates the human body and how we function, what we need to survive, what harms us, and what sustains us.
bodies.com is the online resource where you can find out more about the human body and how it works in relation to everything we do in this life. Follow us as we take a look at our physical bodies and the myriad ways they are intrinsically connected to the planet we live on. New knowledge of the human body that was previously only the territory of the medical profession is being discovered and presented daily by researchers, doctors and scientists around the world and it is now possible for everyone to take a fascinating three-dimensional look at the miraculous physical systems at work within the human body.
A body goal that nearly everyone shares is maintaining good health throughout our lives, and it has been shown that when we attain our physical goals, we also improve the health of our minds. You body is the key to self-confidence and self assurance that provides success in all human social and business interactions too. Everything we do in life involves our bodies and here at bodies.com we will not only learn about the physical body, but also the psychology behind our intellect and emotions. Perhaps you are considering a career as a health professional, or maybe you are just curious about how the human body works. You’ll find links to resources covering both anatomy and physiology as well courses and classes needed for a medical degree.
bodies.com also provides information and resources related to maintaining a better body and the day-to-day choices we make on nutrition, diet, exercise and sports. Because body weight is a big an issue for many Americans today, bodies.com also takes a closer look at optimum body weight and Body Mass Index (BMI) in order to determine what being overweight really means. bodies.com also covers topics including competition sports, exercise workout routines, avoiding sports injuries, yoga and meditation benefits, and diet and nutrition too. As writer and philosopher John Conger once said, “Without the body, the wisdom of the larger self cannot be known.”

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